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At CollegeMEGA, we believe learning should be easy and fun. No matter what level you are, you could master your course with ease.

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From highly praised French language courses to Quebec school tutoring, we offer a large range of language and skill courses to studious youth.

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Mega College emphasized the center role of students and the leading position of teachers. We motivate students’ interests in learning. The role of teacher is more than imparting knowledge but intriguing students to learn actively.

Integration of online learning and real-person teaching

The combination of online learning and real-person lectures is essential to improve language ability and oral expression, so we have created this systematic learning model.

Learn authentic spoken French and fluent expression

Our courses are specifically designed to accommodate all French learning scenarios. Whether you are beginners or seeking to improve specific area of knowledges, you could learn French fast and at ease.

Carefully select professional trainers

As an excellent language and after-school training organization, we upholds strict standards for the selection of trainers. Only people in the related field of study or with years of teaching experiences will be recruited.

Warm and comfortable central environment

Our school offers interactive classroom infrastructures including state-of-art visual and audio equiments. You can also find like-minded students in the open area to communicate and make progress together.

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Discover our latest news. Tips on how to get through exams, school registrations, new courses and exclusive class materials... There are always something new in our school.

Message from founder
“I have been in the career of education for years and have been enjoying it.

From China to France, until now I’m settled in Montreal, Canada, I have eventually created my own educational institution. I have been asking myself, “how can I make my institution different from others and obtain a sustainable growth?” my answer is “to be distinctive”. By being distinctive, I mean high-quality teaching, which is my forever pursuit. I believe that our school will definitely enjoy a good reputation among colleagues, parents and students.”

Ying Wen speaks at an event

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